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Water-based dyes for wood

Water-based dyes specially designed for staining furniture and accessories such as parquet and flooring. Fully compatible with water and alcohols. The type of application, the substrate (veneer or solid wood), and the desired effect to be achieved are factors to consider.


  • 250 ml


  • 6u.

Notable Features

Great vividness of tone and transparency.
Excellent coloring power.
Good resistance to light.

water-based-varnish outdoor-indoor-varnishfast-driying-varnish

Application Data


Brush, roller and spray gun


15-20 m2/L.


1 h.


3-6 h.



Colour Chart

  • 420 Teak
  • 430 Oak
  • 440 Chestnut
  • 450 Walnut
  • 460 Dark Walnut
  • 470 Mahogany
  • 480 Ebony

Substrate and preparation

Sand the wood with suitable grit sandpaper, refining with 150-180 grit sandpaper. Remove sanding residues. Do not apply on woods containing more than 15% moisture.


The dyes are ready for use. Shake well to ensure color uniformity. Apply a coat of 20-50 g/m². For a more uniform staining, apply in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid application in cold and humid environments. If necessary, dilute with water.


Use water. Do not pour residues down the drain.

Technical Datasheet

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