Iki Decor Matacarcomas al Agua

Water-based woodworm killer impregnation

Wood protective water-based impregnation, with preventive and curative action against insects such as woodworm. Great penetrability in both hardwoods and softwoods. Odourless during application.


This water-based woodworm killer has demonstrated effectiveness against the following standards:

UNE-EN 46 Determination of preventive efficacy against newly hatched larvae of Hylotrupes bajulus (House longhorn beetle).
UNE-EN 49-1 Determination of protective efficacy against Anobium Punctatum (Common furniture beetle).
UNE-EN 1390 Determination of curative action against Hylotrupes Bajulus (House longhorn beetle).
EN 370 Determination of curative efficacy against Anobium Punctatum (Common furniture beetle).
EN118 Determination of preventive efficacy against Reticulitermes Santonensis (Termites).

Product registered in the Official Registry of Biocides (Registration No. ES/MRF(NA)-2019-08-


  • 750 mL
  • 5 L


  • 6u.
  • 2u.

Notable Features

High penetration power.
For all types of wood.


Application Data


Brush, roller, and spray gun


10-12 m2/L.


1 h.


24 h.



Colour Chart

  • Clear

Substrate and preparation

Iki Decor Water-Based Woodworm Killer is suitable for all types of wood. The moisture content of the wood should be less than 15%. Remove any remnants of old varnishes or paints from the wood to be treated, in order to facilitate the penetration of the water-based woodworm killer.


The product is ready to use. Apply evenly using a brush, roller, immersion, or spray. For preventive action, apply 200 g/m² of Iki Decor Water-Based Woodworm Killer impregnation. For curative action, apply 300 g/m² of this water-based woodworm killer impregnation.


Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding to varnish. Once dry, Iki Decor Matacarcomas al Agua can be repainted with water-based or solvent-based protectors.


Clean tools with water.

Technical Datasheet

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