23 / 11 / 2023

How to Renovate Wooden Furniture

Bring Your Antique Furniture Back to Life!

If you have antique wooden furniture that has lost its shine and colour due to the passage of time and the effects of the weather, Iki Decor’s RENOVATOR could be your best ally. This product is a fantastic cleaner and revitaliser designed to treat wood that’s stained or worn from exposure to the elements.

A Rescue for Weathered Wood

Imagine this renovator as a superhero for your wooden furniture. Why? Because it’s capable of tackling the stains and aged appearance caused by weathering on those special pieces. It works quickly and deeply, restoring the original colour and eliminating accumulated dirt.

Moreover, it achieves unbeatable results; its carefully formulated chemical properties are entirely environmentally friendly and safe for people using it, as its water-based composition has surpassed the most stringent European measures for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.

Simple Steps for Wood Renovation

The renovation process is quite straightforward. First, ensure that the wood is clean, free of dust and dirt. Then, take a brush and generously apply the renovator over the wood’s surface. Don’t hold back on the product; it’s essential to cover every corner thoroughly.

The Magic of Time and the Renovator

Now, it’s time to let the RENOVATOR work its magic. Let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. This is your time to relax or attend to other tasks while the product works its transformative powers.

If you notice persistent stains or more affected areas, don’t worry; you can apply a second coat. Sometimes, some areas need a bit more attention.

The Revitalising Rinse

When the specified time has passed, it’s time to give the wood a good rinse. Use pressurised water to ensure complete removal of the applied renovator. We want the wood to shine and look like new, right?

Cleaning and Preparation for the Next Mission

Ah, don’t forget your tools! Clean the brushes and any used utensils with water to have them ready for the next renovation session.

Iki Decor’s RENOVATOR is like the best friend for your antique furniture. It brings life back to the wood, restoring its original splendour and giving these cherished treasures a second youth.

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