Water-based wood stain is a dye applied onto wood to give it a translucent colour that enhances its grain. This type of stain is 100% water-compatible and can be applied using a spray gun, short-haired roller, or brush. It adds vibrancy to wood as long as it’s not coated with varnish.

Advantages of Using Water-Based Wood Stain

This product is specifically designed for wood staining in the furniture industry, on parquet, decking, or wooden floors. Some of its key benefits include:

  • Fully compatible with water and alcohols.
  • Provides vivid tone and transparency.
  • Exhibits excellent coloring power.
  • Shows good resistance to UV sunlight.
  • Odorless.

This wood staining product is non-flammable and very easy to apply, emitting no odours during use. Iki Decor’s water-based stains penetrate wood quickly and endure sunlight well. You can mix them to create new tones that dry in just an hour!

Tips for Applying Water-Based Stains on Wood

If you’re wondering how to apply wood stain, it’s essential to follow a series of steps and tips recommended by manufacturers.

Applying Stain on Clean Wood

It’s crucial to apply water-based stain on clean wood—considered clean if free from previous paint, wax, or varnish. If the wood isn’t clean, the water-based stain won’t adhere properly. If you intend to use water-based stain on varnished or painted wood, it’s crucial to remove these coatings beforehand using a paint stripper.

Creating the Stain Colour

You can use a pre-made water-based stain colour or dilute it to adjust the intensity by adding water. Mixing stains of different colours allows you to create your desired hue.

Sanding and Protecting the Wood

Before applying the stain, consider wood protection measures. It’s essential to apply an anti-woodworm protector to prevent damage from these insects. Sanding the wood before staining enhances absorption.

Painting Along the Wood Grain

Once the wood is protected, it’s time to paint. You can use a brush, spray gun, or roller, always painting along the wood grain. If there’s excess stain in an area, use a cloth to remove it for a uniform colour. Let the stain dry without further action. Optionally, you can varnish the surface after drying.


With these tips, you can apply water-based wood stain professionally and enjoy your creation with your favourite colour. Choose from Iki Decor’s range of water-based wood stains and give new life to your wood.

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